Commanders’ DE Jon Allen expresses frustration with his team following yet another demoralizing loss, highlighting ongoi

The frustration that has been steadily building throughout the 2023 season appears to have reached its boiling point for both the Washington Commanders and their defensive tackle, Jonathan Allen.

The Commanders’ season took yet another blow after they suffered a discouraging 14-7 loss to the New York Giants, marking their fourth loss in five games. For Jonathan Allen, this loss was regrettably consistent with his experiences during his tenure with the Commanders.

Following the game, NBC Sports Washington’s JP Finlay inquired about the team’s evaluation after such a loss, to which Allen provided an unvarnished assessment: “They whupped our ass, plain and simple,” he declared.

Finlay posed a few more questions, including whether the situation gets “frustrating.” But before the query was even completed, Allen launched into an impassioned and expletive-laden outburst, expressing his fatigue with the ongoing struggles.

“Yes, it does. I’m tired of this s–t,” the two-time Pro Bowler passionately exclaimed. “F—–g tired of this b—s–t. It’s been seven f—–g years of the same s–t.”

Jonathan Allen has endured seven seasons with the Washington franchise. During his first six campaigns, the team failed to secure a winning record and only made the playoffs once, winning the NFC East with a 7-9 record in 2020.

Over the past seven seasons, the Commanders have only managed a 4-8-1 record against the Giants. This is despite the Giants struggling to perform consistently well since 2017, with the exception of a playoff appearance in 2022.

“They whooped our (bleep),” Allen reiterated. “Plain and simple. We need to be better… It’s a result of our lack of focus, a lack of attention to detail, not starting fast, and creating deficits that are too substantial for us to overcome in the second half.”



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